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    Do you know that in some country, it’s an offense to misuse car horn? Not just in some country but some areas such as; prisons, army barrack, etc. in these kinds of areas, the blowing of a car horn is strictly prohibited because of it noise always cause distraction in the regiment. Read More: 9 ...
  • Permanent tattoo

    Permanent Tattoo Nowadays, almost everyone draws a tattoo on their body all in the name of fashion. Yes, people see the tattoo differently. Some people write the name of their heroes, their loved ones, their teachers, whatever they like on their bodies with tattoos. While some people use a specific tattoo designs as their logos ...
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    Care of Eyes Wondering on how to take good care of your eyes? Or you are having problems with your sights nut you actually don’t know how to solve them? Well, here in this article I’ll give some tips which you may need in other to keep your eyes healthy. Let me cut to the ...
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    Full form of BMW BMW Full Form is the Bayerische Motoren Werke ag or in English, bavarian engine works. It is a free german association and maker of vehicles and bicycles. It is the universes biggest premium vehicle-producer and is the parent venture of the BMW Mini, and Rolls-Royce vehicle makers, and, in the past, ...
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