• website development

    Website Development A web Developer is an individual who takes website architecture and required functionalities – according to the customer or item group – and transforms it into a site. A Web Developer stands firm on a significant foothold in an organization as he/she needs to utilize a language from the customer and convert it ...
  • 31

    Online Learning Advantages The thing that affected the lockdown the most is education. All institutions from primary to higher education were immediately closed, so that physical distance could be maintained and the corona epidemic could be prevented. Today, the education of children is at the center of the priorities of the parents. Therefore, the sudden ...
  • Cyber secruity

    Cyber security awareness With the advancement of technology, today computers and internet are being used in almost every field. Today, such a time has come that our continuous dependence on the Internet and computers is increasing. However, as the internet is increasing in our lives, the speed of cyber crime is also increasing. Due to ...
  • top-5-online-abacus-classes-for-kids

    Online Abacus Classes For kids The coronavirus pandemic is going to be almost two years away. In such a situation many students are feeling a lot of mental stress. To overcome this stress, many students are learning new skills. In such a situation, the demand for online learning platforms in India has increased significantly. Parents ...
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